Sound interpretation

Sound: Water from apantle / Agua de apantle.

Sound: Rainwater / Agua de lluvia
Cuernavaca, Morelos. March 25th 2015, 19:15 

Water tap / Agua de la llave.

Val & Jose

Val y Jose.

This freelance photographers needed identity cards. 
They wanted to keep it simple but with an original hint, that is why the solution was black ink and a camera swage.


This work began as an exploration of typographies, which led to the design of a new typography.
The first step was cutting letters in a solid material (MDF), these were later used as models for PVC molds.
The molds can be use for food, in this case, jelly.
The purpose of this exercise was to reveal the lack of meaning in words, meanings can be transformed depending on context and that’s what gives them their true meaning.



This project came about when laughing with a friend about all the nonsense (mamadas) that we write and draw in our sketchbooks. We decided to make our own sketchbooks to help people let out their own nonsense.
This protect was finalist in a Scribe design contest.


Build a Vista

CD cover for a friend's band. 
First and second attempt as shown.  

What if?

After four months I reopened my drafts and found the next text of October 24th 2014:

What if I make a good decision? Start writing for two weeks as someone suggested me in order to find my voice.

I got thrilled by the idea and at the same time scared of what could happen if I explore myself. Being in 72u at least has brought me to do it, Especially Ben: 'give yourself time to do self exploration'. So... Finding my voice, huh? That means putting all the voices in my head in one place.

After reading this I decided to continue what was left behind. I’ll try it for two weeks.

So, 72u is over, I'm back in Mexico with a job offer at 72andSunny in Activision's team and Sonos but with a rejection of my TN visa... what a bummer. The process for getting to LA will continue.

For now I'll write and post my day to day, and see what happens.

Starting 72u

A few months ago 72u Fall Session 2014 started and this video is how we were presented to the hole 72andSunny office. Just watching it again reminds me of how exciting was to start this hole new experience.