What if?

After four months I reopened my drafts and found the next text of October 24th 2014:

What if I make a good decision? Start writing for two weeks as someone suggested me in order to find my voice.

I got thrilled by the idea and at the same time scared of what could happen if I explore myself. Being in 72u at least has brought me to do it, Especially Ben: 'give yourself time to do self exploration'. So... Finding my voice, huh? That means putting all the voices in my head in one place.

After reading this I decided to continue what was left behind. I’ll try it for two weeks.

So, 72u is over, I'm back in Mexico with a job offer at 72andSunny in Activision's team and Sonos but with a rejection of my TN visa... what a bummer. The process for getting to LA will continue.

For now I'll write and post my day to day, and see what happens.